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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carolina College Advising Corps

  • Summer Training 2015

    Summer Training 2015

    Advisers are in summer training from June 28th – July 31st, and are hard at work preparing for another year with their students. Sessions are held by educators and policy makers from across the state, and focus on social capital, K-12 systems, higher education, communications and branding, student support services, cultural competency, positive youth development, and much more. At the end of training, advisers will have also had the opportunity to visit 19 college campuses across the state. Advisers are hard at work and are looking forward to getting back to their schools for the 2015-2016 school year!

  • That’s a Wrap! 2014-15 School Year Comes to a Close

    That’s a Wrap! 2014-15 School Year Comes to a Close

    Our sincere thanks to principals, counselors, and teachers at our 59 partner high schools for making the 2014-2015 school year a success!

    Advisers are now enjoying some time off before summer training begins on June 28th. We are looking forward to an exciting summer of inspiring leaders, passionate educators, campus tours, and bonding as a group with a shared mission. Thank you again to all who made this past year possible…to great things ahead!

  • May 1 is National Decision Day!

    May 1 is National Decision Day!

    May 1 is the national date when graduating seniors must commit to a college or university. Advisers across the state and country are collaborating with counselors, teachers, and administrators to celebrate their students’ post-secondary decisions.

    Decision Day is part of national movement to encourage more young people to pursue higher education, and is a big initiative in building a college-going culture within high schools. You can take part in the celebrations by using the hashtags #CACDecisionDay, #HappySigningDay, and #ReachHigher on social media. You can also tag the Carolina College Advising Corps in your posts–we are on Facebook (Carolina College Advising Corps), Twitter (@CarolinaCorps), and Instagram (@CarolinaCorps)!

    You can also read this blog post from the Department of Education on why Decision Day celebrations matter, and the impact they have on our schools and communities. For more information about the First Lady’s #ReachHigher initiative, visit the Reach Higher website.

The Carolina College Advising Corps helps low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students find their way to colleges that will serve them well. By providing well-trained, enthusiastic advisers who are close in circumstance to the students they serve, the program aims to increase college-going rates at partner high schools across North Carolina.


The Advising Corps is a “near-peer” model

We recruit advisers who are recent graduates of partner colleges/universities.  This allows them to more easily develop relationships with students and serve as both peers as well as role models.



20130913_132638_resized2The Advising Corps builds a thriving college-going culture

Our advisers work in partnership with teachers, counselors and administrators, as an additional staff member whose focus is singularly on improving the school’s college-going culture and ensuring that students apply to and enroll in colleges where they will succeed.



IMG_3826The Advising Corps uses a ‘best-fit’ and ‘best-match’ approach

Advisers focus on helping students to identify and apply to post-secondary programs that will best serve them both academically and socially, thus increasing the likelihood that these students will persist to earn their degrees.


The Advising Corps increases college enrollment

Initial evaluation of the Advising Corps, conducted by researchers at Stanford University, found that on average, schools served by the Corps see an 8-12% percentage point increase in college-going rates versus control schools in the area.