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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carolina College Advising Corps

  • Jerry Stackhouse Supports The Carolina College Advising Corps

    Jerry Stackhouse Supports The Carolina College Advising Corps

    Hear Jerry Stackhouse’s take on the Carolina College Advising Corps as he visits Hillside High School.



  • Class of 2013: You Can Do It!

    Class of 2013: You Can Do It!

    Check out this amazing video dedicated to Morehead High School’s Class of 2013 from their college adviser, Ms. Norwood, and the MHS family.



  • One More for the Road

    One More for the Road

    So, just for a couple of days, we laughed, we blew off steam, we shed a few tears for the advisers that would be leaving, but most importantly, we celebrated all that this year has come to mean and all that the new year holds.

The Carolina College Advising Corps helps low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students find their way to colleges that will serve them well. By providing well-trained, enthusiastic advisers who are close in age and circumstance to the students they serve, the program aims to increase college-going rates at partner high schools across North Carolina.



75863The Advising Corps is a “near-peer” model

We recruit advisers who are recent graduates of partner colleges/universities.  This allows them to more easily develop relationships with students and serve as both peers as well as role models.


20130913_132638_resized2The Advising Corps builds a thriving college-going culture

Our advisers work in partnership with teachers, counselors and administrators, as an additional staff member whose focus is singularly on improving the school’s college-going culture and ensuring that students apply to and enroll in colleges where they will succeed.



77063The Advising Corps uses a ‘best-fit’ and ‘best-match’ approach

Advisers focus on helping students to identify and apply to post-secondary programs that will best serve them both academically and socially, thus increasing the likelihood that these students will persist to earn their degrees.


77233The Advising Corps increases college enrollment

Initial evaluation of the Advising Corps, conducted by researchers at Stanford University, found that on average, schools served by the Corps see an 8-12% percentage point increase in college-going rates versus control schools in the area.