Our Impact

Our Impact

2021-2022 Academic Year

9,868 One-on-One Meetings


students submitted 3+

college applications


fafsa completion


students submitted 1+

college applications


fafsa assistance







Meeting with a Corps adviser closes the application submission gap by 36%

74% of students who enrolled in college return for their second year, exceeding the national average of 69% for low-income students. 

On average, Corps partners saw an increase of 10-11% in college enrollment within the first year of partnership.

Through sustained growth, 49% of all American Indian, 15% of all LatinX, 22% of all African-American or Black students in the state will have access to an adviser.


“Joining Carolina College Advising Corp (CCAC) immediately after undergrad has allowed me a safe place to learn and grow as a professional. I have learned how to effectively serve in a community I am not originally from. I have learned how to see people for who they are and who they aspire to be while helping them connect those visions together. CCAC allowed me to take what I learned in college into real-world practice and further develop my passion for service, education, and community. “

Leila Zefri, College Adviser, 2021-2023, Phillip O. Berry HS, Charlotte, NC

“I have had the pleasure of working with CCAC for the past ten years and I can’t imagine supporting my students without a College Advisor at our school. The CCAC has become essential to our school’s success because our students have access to someone whose primary responsibility is to help them access college to include the application, financial aid, and scholarships. Our college acceptance rate has increased significantly over the years as well as the number of scholarships our students have earned since 2012.”

Dr. William Logan, Principal, Hillside High School, Durham, NC

“I am in this role not only to help exceptional students get to college, but primarily to identify and encourage students who exhibit the potential to be great and successful in college and beyond; students who might not have had the opportunity to realize such potential in high school for any given reason.”

Daniel Garcia, College Adviser, 2021-2023, Hillside High School, Durham, NC

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