Our high school and funding partners play an integral role in our success and growth. Our success in assisting students is attributed to collaboration with the faculty, staff, and administrators of our partner high schools, as well as support from our communities. This year we are pleased to partner with 77 high schools throughout the state of North Carolina. See links to the left to learn about the specific schools with which we will partner in 2017-2018.

“Having the Advising Corps in our schools has become not only appreciated, but absolutely essential in helping us to increase our college-going rates.” – Superintendent Rodney Shotwell, Rockingham County Schools


“Through her hard work, persistence and amicable nature, Blythe singlehandedly had more students take the SAT by December than in our entire academic year last year combined.  In less than one year, the SAT participation rate at West Caldwell already has tripled and the only changing factor is the opportunity we have with Ms. Gough.” – Principal David Colwell, West Caldwell High School