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Our first partner highlight showcases the great work at T.W. Andrews High School in Guilford County.  CCAC is honored and thrilled to begin its fourth year of partnership with Andrews HS thanks to the great support of the Armfield Foundation, AmeriCorps North Carolina, and the national College Advising Corps.  Now hosting their second college adviser, Ms. Jacqueline Hada, the collaboration between CCAC and the school has become one of great success.  

One successful example of collaboration and partnership was seen during this year’s College Application Week.  During the week counselors, teachers, and administrators came together to empower, affirm, and support students as they thought about their post-secondary plans.  Students were given the opportunity to apply to many North Carolina colleges and universities for free, so all came together to ensure each student had the opportunity to take advantage. 

Ms. Hada highlights the great work of collaborator, Ms. Key, Youth Leadership and Development Coordinator, for assisting with bringing in extra support through additional volunteers during the week.  The school hosted students and administrators from High Point University, as well as other community members to assist students with the college application process.  

Excitement was encouraged through the week with college themed activities.  Students and staff wore college gear, dressed to align with the excitement, and showed pride for the places they wanted to go or had been. Ms. Hada used social media to ensure her students shined and to keep the positive momentum going.  Fayetteville State University joined for a day to bring smiles during an on-site admissions session and yielded extra excitement as a student found out they got into their dream school of FSU. 

Preparing the students for the week took strategic thought and outrageous efforts of outreach, but all came together to promote and make sure the necessary steps were taken to ensure most students could apply or begin applications. Now that the event is over, Ms. Hada will share, reconcile and analysis data as she is moves forward with intent.  She is charged to find and follow up with students. In the coming weeks, Andrews HS has on-site admissions sessions and college rep visits scheduled with Campbel University, Johnson and Wales, Johnson C. Smith University, UNC Greensboro, UNC Asheville, Salem College, Winston Salem State University.  This will be followed by a college visit to North Carolina State University. 

The outcome: College Application Week at T.W. Andrews HS yielded 72% of the senior class submitting over 600 college applications. The school also saw one of the largest turnouts during their senior night with over 60 participants.  A success in partnership, collaboration, and the celebration of students, their dreams and aspirations.   


Click here to learn more about Ms. Hada’s experience as a College Adviser.



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