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Chad Manhert - MecklenburgAuthor: Chad Manhertz, 2nd-Year Adviser serving Harding University High School

The 2013 College Advising Corps Adviser Summit was very uplifting and inspirational. It served as a reminder that my purpose in this role as a college adviser is being shared across the country. There are hundreds of individuals waking up every morning with the same passion as myself. It was great getting a chance to network, share best practices, and bond with various advisers from different Corps. I was able to take back some ideas to my school as well as share my own with others. Hearing different speakers, especially those of high stature, made me feel appreciated for the valuable work we do every day. It was great to see that our work is not going unnoticed, even by those individuals who may not know us personally but support our mission. Some of the advisers I met at the summit I am still in contact with today, so this was definitely a great opportunity to form new relationships with some of my more distant colleagues. It also did not hurt that we had the opportunity to experience all of this in San Antonio, Texas, one of America’s most beautiful cities. A BIG thank you to Dr. Hurd and everyone else involved in helping make the Adviser Summit happen!

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