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2020-2021 Academic Year



“Our school has been honored and truly rewarded with Miss Jessica Oxendine. She has shown great efforts in her ability to assist the students with college applications, scholarships, and much needed resources to help them. In our school, there are many students who have the ability to become successful leaders through the help of Carolina College Advising Corps program, through the help of Miss Jessica’s teamwork and diligence…we will have success stories!” —Partner School Guidance Counselor

“The Carolina College Advising Corps truly impacted my high school career! Both of my amazing college advisers (Kayla Humphrey and Khadija Mohamed) provided me with great information that aided me in my transition from high school to college. I was accepted to 13 institutions and I also received great scholarships! Without the presence of my college advisers in my school, students would not have had the opportunity to engage in vital conversations that would help them in the long run. The Corps allowed students and parents that were distant and unaware of important college information to become closer and successful! I am forever indebted to my advisers and the Corps for their wonderful service. ” —Randy Stitt, Rocky River High School ’13, East Carolina University’18

“I can think of no program here at the University that better exemplifies our commitment to serving the needs of the state.” —Chancellor Holden Thorp, UNC-Chapel Hill

“Kudos to you and your efforts towards awarding $1.6MM in scholarships to the class of 2010. You may not be responsible for every dime, but your position was sorely needed at Hillside to bring about a greater awareness of what’s out there for students! THAT you can take all the credit for! Thanks for your meetings, your e-mails, and your contacts with the students. I’m hoping you stay around for years to come to be a benefit for future classes.” —Durham County School Parent (email excerpt)

“Having a Carolina Advising Corps member had made a world of difference in our college advising program. The Advising Corps’ recent college experience, enthusiasm for the college experience, and availability allow them to meet with students in more meaningful and more productive advisement periods than school counselors are capable of providing.” —Partner School Guidance Counselor