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CJ PowellAuthor: CJ Powell

Wonderfully exhausted is the only way to describe how I feel at the end of my first week serving as a college adviser. This week I have shaken so many hands, said good morning to over a thousand new faces and even got to help out with senior portraits. I’ve introduced myself to an incredible number of homeroom classes, wished them a happy year, and bribed them with chocolate into a conversation about what they wanted to do after high school. This week I have been working hard to get to know my new students, who all have big dreams, and I have loved helping them draw up some plans to get there! The only part that bummed me out about this week was the fact that I couldn’t spend more time with each of them.

I also finally got to have my first one-on-one with a student this week after waiting what seemed like forever for it to finally happen. It was incredibly humbling when after I asked the student where she wanted to attend college she replied, “I want to be a Tar Heel!” That enthusiasm paired with a profile that would make her competitive for admission to the school that had given me this very opportunity gave me an extra boost to make sure I reached other students who had their own high hopes and aspirations—as well as search out those who had no idea what they wanted to do, because I wanted to be there to see the light bulb go off!

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