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popsicle graphicWelcome to the first blog post of the Summer Melt Initiative, created by yours truly, the Carolina College Advising Corps!

Here at CCAC, we are completely committed to the mission of helping North Carolina students to achieve the aspirations and goals they have set for themselves. To do this we want to make sure that you build on all the hard work you put into your high school career and your college applications. Unfortunately, every year an average of 15% of students who have been accepted to colleges, made the decision of which school is the best fit for them, and taken the first steps towards enrolling in college, fail to show up in the fall. This phenomenon is known as Summer Melt, a phrase coined by Professors Castleman and Page at the University of Virginia. Summer Melt is a tricky problem to solve for those of us in education, because during the summer, our access to you, the student, is limited.

The CCAC Summer Melt Initiative 2017 is a way that we can keep in touch with you as you prepare to begin your college career! We will have 11 blog posts throughout the summer discussing different aspects of the college enrollment process from housing to health insurance!

Students ‘melt’ for a variety of reasons; some are within their control, others are not. Financial need is one of the most frequent, and preventable, causes of summer melt. This can be combatted in a number of ways, from asking for a fee waiver to requesting a deposit extension. Another very preventable cause of summer melt is MISSED DEADLINES! Please (for realzies) make sure that you are aware of your school’s list of deadlines for housing, class registration, deposits and tuition payments! And if you are ever unsure reach out to your college adviser or to CCAC and we will work with you to get the information and the resources that you need to complete your transition to college. Finally, some students start to feel nervous or overwhelmed about going off to college over the summer. Are you worried about living in a dorm? Meeting new people? Moving to a new place? Talking through these feelings with a college adviser can sometimes alleviate these fears. In addition to our blog posts, we will be working as a team to call and check in with you over the summer. HAGS!

Here’s a brief overview of the topics we’ll be covering as we continue throughout the summer!

  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Setting up Student Web Portals and Email
  • Comparing/accepting financial aid award
  • College decision and enrollment deposit
  • Orientation
  • Selecting classes
  • Housing
  • Placement Tests
  • Health insurance/additional paperwork
  • Tuition bills
  • Moving in/beginning classes


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