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Jacqueline Hada, College Adviser at T. Wingate Andrews High School

“My alarm goes off at 7:15 am every morning, which I know isn’t that early to some. I quickly spring up from my bed, not because I’m full of energy, but because I know if stay under my covers one moment longer, I’ll drift back to sleep. I never took an 8 am class in college because I knew I wasn’t a morning person. As soon my students set eyes on me, they get so excited that their energy becomes infectious. Without me noticing, my tired expression transforms into a bright smile as they bombard me left and right with “Hey Ms. Hada” and “Can I come see you during lunch, Ms. Hada?”. Every single day, no matter how exhausted I may be, my students quickly energize me and keep me motivated.  

The expression “there’s never a dull moment” is always true here at the Drews. From planning college admission rep visits to helping students think of a new password for their FAFSA, and everything in between. My days are usually super busy with 1:1 meetings with students, mainly juniors and seniors. These 1:1 meetings are imperative because that’s my time to sit down with the student to really get a feel for their level of college awareness. It also serves as a time for me to gain perspective on the student and their goals. Having this level of understanding is imperative to be able to guide them to what college or university is best for them. 

The relationship between an adviser and their students is such a special one. They trust me with the dreams they dare not make public for they fear their dreams will never turn to reality. Little do they know; I grew up scared to dream too. I can’t wait to see all they accomplish as their confidence grows and they soar to new heights. Suddenly rolling out of bed at 7:15 am becomes a distant memory.


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