Homecoming: Advisee to Adviser

April 18, 2018

Author: Stone Yeatts, first-year adviser serving J. M. Morehead High School After graduating from John M. Morehead High School in 2013, I never anticipated returning in any capacity besides the occasional homecoming game. At the time, college was the only … Continued

Including Underclassmen in the College Conversation

March 7, 2018

Author: Hallie French, first-year adviser serving Pamlico County High School Early on in the year, when I started asking my college ambassadors what kinds of projects they wanted to work on they answered unanimously: they wanted to help underclassmen. They … Continued

Mid-Year Retreat: Loving Our Service and Ourselves

February 21, 2018

Author: Imani Burwell, first-year adviser serving Warren County High School and Warren New Tech High School Last week, all 57 Carolina College Advising Corps advisers returned to our second home; Chapel Hill. We used our two-day Mid-Year Training to recuperate, … Continued

First Semester Check-in with a Former Advisee

January 8, 2018

Author: Jennifer Griffin, First Year Student at Davidson College I graduated from Polk County High School in 2017 and am currently a freshman at Davidson College. As a first-generation college student and a member of a low-income family, the reality … Continued

Tar Heels in Texas: National Adviser Summit 2017

December 16, 2017

Author: Samantha Jenkins, First-Year Adviser Serving Mount Airy High School and North Surry High School. Over 600 advisers from across the country gathered in Fort Worth, Texas for the 2017 College Advising Corps Summit the week of December 4th.  As … Continued

College Application Week: Central Region Edition

November 27, 2017

North Carolina College Application Week is an annual event sponsored by the College Foundation of North Carolina and is a part of College Application Month. The goal of the week is to provide every North Carolina high school senior with the opportunity to … Continued

Innovating with Social Media: A Collaboration with Get Schooled

November 9, 2017

Author: Krista McGuire, Second-Year Adviser serving West Charlotte High School  My goal has been to use social media to keep followers informed about education policy, elevate and promote excellence in black and brown communities, talk about what it’s like to be … Continued

#DontMeltNC: Roommates 101

June 7, 2017

Once you have been accepted to college, you may start wondering about some of the logistics of enrollment, including class selection, tuition, and orientation. While all of these things are very important to consider, another very important factor in the … Continued

#DontMeltNC: College Ready!

June 7, 2017

You may have an idea of what to expect, or college may seem unimaginable to you. Whatever the case, we are here to give you a sneak peek of what to expect as a college student. First off, the college … Continued

#DontMeltNC: Getting Connected On Campus

June 7, 2017

Getting Connected on Campus You are at a new school surrounded by new people and unfamiliar buildings… How do you get connected? Most college campuses have different Welcoming Events geared toward helping you get connected on campus. These can be cookouts, clubs/organization … Continued