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21-22 Application closes on Jan 2022!

Serve with CCAC in the counties below!

Dare, Lenior, Bertie, Halifax, Nash, Guilford, Randolph, Rowan, Scotland, Mecklenburg, Stokes


Service with the Carolina College Advising Corps is a unique and rewarding leadership opportunity for recent college graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill who want to share their energy and experience with high school students. Carolina Corps advisers work with students in underserved schools and communities to help them identify potential colleges, complete college applications, identify potential scholarship opportunities, fill out financial aid forms and find the college or university that will best meet their academic and social needs.

The position of college adviser requires tact, diplomacy, and a strong commitment to service. Successful advisers demonstrate the ability to collaborate creatively and effectively with others in order to solve problems and reach goals. Successful advisers also demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills, including the ability to listen carefully and to write and speak persuasively.

Advising Corps advisers will report to program staff and to an on-site facilitator in each of the schools they will serve. The schools will be located in North Carolina. Advisers will be expected to live within their service areas and to involve themselves in the surrounding communities. Carolina College Advising Corps advisers will be expected to tailor programs and activities to meet the specific needs of their assigned schools and perform the following primary functions:

Provide one-on-one admissions and financial-aid advice to any student or family seeking assistance

  • Encourage each student to consider a broad range of appropriate college choices
  • Develop for each student a comprehensive college timeline, including application deadlines for admission and financial aid
  • Help each student complete and submit admissions and financial aid applications
  • Assist each student in interpreting correspondence from colleges, including offers of admission and financial aid

Organize group  events that encourage students and their families to consider, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities

  • Visit classrooms, assemblies, and club meetings to offer Carolina Corps services and emphasize the importance of college
  • Visit feeder middle schools to encourage early planning for college
  • Work with local community groups – churches, boys and girls clubs, social-service providers – to offer group events outside the school setting and hours

Establish productive working relationships with principals, counselors, and teachers in each assigned high school

  • Assess, in consultation with the Carolina Corps program director and school personnel, the particular needs of each school, and adapt programs and activities to meet these needs
  • Actively seek the advice and counsel of the on-site facilitator at each partner high school
  • align with school and district policy and procedures

Assist in the efforts of other Carolina Corps adviser(s) within the service area

  • Regularly visit other high schools in their assigned service area during school days
  • Help organize, provide support for, and attend evening and weekend events organized by peers

Assist in the assessment and long-term sustainability of the program

  • Assist the program director and evaluation staff to identify, collect, and interpret key progress and outcome variables to evaluate the effectiveness of the Carolina Corps program
  • Submit monthly progress reports to the program director documenting progress and outcome data
  • Represent the Carolina Corps, as requested by the program director, to potential supporters and to other interested parties

Maintain expertise in admissions and financial-aid advising

  • Participate fully in required training
  • In consultation with the program director, seek out and participate in other opportunities for professional development

Our application is now open!

Start date: July 6, 2021*



To become an adviser for the 2021-2022 academic year, applicants must be a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and complete all course work by July 2021. Degrees from any discipline are acceptable.  There is no GPA requirement for the position. In addition to being a recent graduate, an adviser must be genuinely committed to serving underrepresented students and be able to work well with diverse populations. The Carolina Corps seeks advisers who are friendly, approachable, self-motivated, creative, enthusiastic, and passionate about higher education.  Class of  2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 are highly encouraged to apply. Appointments are for one year, with an option for a second year, if mutually agreed upon by the partner, program staff, and the adviser.


Carolina Corps Advisers receive the following benefits:

  • Living Allowance (A total of $26,715 paid on a monthly basis throughout the term of service/prorated based on start date)
  • Free Health Insurance
  • Education Award (Members will receive $6,345 per year of service which can be credited towards loans from undergraduate education or held for future educational costs)
  • Professional development opportunities
  • An employee of the UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions


Advisers participate in a required five-week summer training to gain an understanding of college access and learn smart practices, tips, and tools to support college-going initiatives to excite and engage students.  Ongoing training is provided throughout the year at the local and national levels. The tentative start date for service and training is July 6, 2021.*


Over 40 positions will be available during the 21-22 academic year. Our goal is to match advisers with schools in which they will thrive.  Partners will participate in the selection process and candidates will acknowledge locations in which they believe they will perform well.  Click here to view current partner high schools.  Open positions will be acknowledged in early February.



*start dates dependent on a background check and HR approval.