UNC '16

Major(s): Economics, Management and Society

Beddingfield High School
Wilson, NC

Mr. Martin became an adviser to give back to students in the same way that his mentors gave to him. He feels that he owes his successes to the many individuals on his "team" that have provided invaluable advice and wisdom over the years. Mr. Martin wants to do the same for his students as he assists them in dismantling stereotypes, tearing down bars, and breaking the glass ceilings that have historically marginalized peoples who look like him. Mr. Martin wants to do his part in making sure his students' voices are heard. He returned for another year of advising to continue the work that he began last year. He is looking forward to sharing laughter and tears with his students again this year.

"The only thing worse than death is a regret filled coffin. So always try before you die or always wonder what if..." - J. Cole