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The Carolina College Advising Corps helps low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students find their way to colleges that will serve them well. By providing well-trained, enthusiastic advisers who are close in circumstance to the students they serve, the program aims to increase college-going rates at partner high schools across North Carolina.

College advisers are placed in high schools and are immersed in the school setting. Advisers work closely with the schools’ counseling staff and work with students both in one-on-one and group settings. College advisers facilitate campus tours, taking students to visit a variety of institutions. College advisers do not recruit students exclusively to UNC Chapel Hill but help students find their “best fit” institution, wherever that may be.

College advisers participate in an intensive five-week training program on the UNC campus, as well as one week of training at the national level. They are trained to advise students on how to prepare for college admission, choose a college that matches their interests, complete admission and financial aid applications, and  locate and apply for appropriate scholarship opportunities. In addition, college advisers provide parents with the information they need to encourage and support their children’s pursuit of a post-secondary education.