Our Mission Est.

The Carolina College Advising Corps aims to help low-income, first-generation, and under-represented students from North Carolina attend college by placing recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduates as college advisers in selected public high schools throughout the state. Advisers assist students with admission, financial aid, and scholarship applications.

Our Model

The “Near-Peer Model”

Recent graduates serve as advisers, which allows students to more easily develop relationships and trust.

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Building a College-Going Culture

Less than 50% of low-income students admitted to a post-secondary institution end up enrolling. And less than one in 12 graduate. Advisers focus on fostering a college-going culture at their schools to boost enrollment rates.


Best-Match and Best-Fit

Advisers help students identify and apply to post-secondary programs that will best serve them, both academically and socially.

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Our Success

10–11% higher enrollment than rural comparison schools

In 2017-18, 13,000 high school seniors will have access to an adviser

Average increase in scholarship dollars: $1 million per high school

Our Community

58 advisers // 78 schools
Our state // Our future


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