All Together Again: Annual Mid-Year Training

January 23, 2013

Author: Katja Wallin, 2nd-Year Adviser at Rockingham County High School Mid-Year Training was held at the perfect time this year—the first week of January! As advisers we got to come back, get rejuvenated and learn a lot of new information. … Continued

Innovation Summit MAGIC!!!

October 29, 2012

Author: Molly Norwood, 2nd-Year Adviser at J.M. Morehead High School It has always been amazing to me the magic that is created when motivated people congregate. So, with 335 college advisers in one room, you can imagine the magic that … Continued

9/11 Remembrance Day 2012

September 25, 2012

For 9/11 Remembrance Day, members throughout the state led their students in a “Campaign of Gratitude.” Participating in their school’s campaign, students created thank-you letters for first responders in their community. Great creativity and great gratitude!

First-Week Jitters

September 13, 2012

Author: CJ Powell Wonderfully exhausted is the only way to describe how I feel at the end of my first week serving as a college adviser. This week I have shaken so many hands, said good morning to over a … Continued

The Adventure Begins

August 27, 2012

Author: Jacob Lusk, First-Year Adviser at Caldwell Career Center Middle College, Caldwell Early College High School and South Caldwell High School Work has officially begun, and for the Carolina Corps adviser, that’s a round-the-clock commitment. I’ve only “worked” two full … Continued

The Makings of a Family

August 16, 2012

Author: Rickita Blackmon, First-Year Adviser at Garinger High School We did not begin with an icebreaker. I can assume that most of us expected to engage in some sort of activity that would reveal quirks about ourselves in hopes of … Continued

Rockingham Community College Day!

July 11, 2012

The Rockingham County Advisers joined forces with the Rockingham Community College Admissions Office to plan “RCC Day.”  Check out some of the great exploration and discovery that took place….what an IMPACT!!!